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Alphabets Heaven - Boosh review

Recently a genre loosely labelled as "organic electronic music" has gotten some of my attention after accidentally buying and reviewing a record by Robot Koch. It's not music made from organically grown products, but a variations of instrumental hip-hop, trip hop and similar genres which take advantage of the samplers. Their ability to record pieces of live instrumentals as well as redeliver them in live nature by the human touch instead of machine programming. All this contributes to the living and breathing, "organic" sound.

Apparently my review didn't go unnoticed to the guys from King Deluxe (a great label publishing the aforementioned genre), and they notified me of their brand new release, digital mini album by Alphabets Heaven titled Boosh.

Although, Alphabets Heaven is mostly known for his rapid beat work, video game influences and some sampler mastery, this release is dominantly chilled downtempo music with juicy basslines, deeply layered textures and solid beats. Only track that actually goes more to the crazy side with the beats is the one called "genggeng" and it even feels out of the place compared to others. Not a bad song as such, but just bit out of the context with rest of the release.

Other thing definitely worth mentioning on the release are the three excellent remixes by Headshotboyz, Robot Koch and wAgAwAgA. Really chilled and atmospheric stuff in there. My favorite being the rework of Woman by none other than Robot Koch. The remix of Darma by Headshotboyz also ends up in my list of favorite tracks from this year so far.

If you get such solid releases from digital only label (they have had one vinyl release too, but still mostly digital), you'll know that the digital music era is in full gear. Boosh by Alphabets Heaven gets my recommendation and I also suggest you check out other stuff released by King Deluxe, as they have several other pearls in their catalogue.

Favorite tracks: Soul Dancing, Woman (rmx), Darma (rmx).


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