I am always interested in various kinds of collaboration projects with all kinds of artists. I have previously worked with singers, instrumentalists, performance and video artists. I have produced some music and background ambiance for movies and a video game.

If you are a singer/songwriter, need help with backing tracks and like my music, get in touch with me and let’s make some tracks together. I have experience in song production and can help with recording as well. It’s specially cool if you know some music theory and can play an instrument or understand some computer music software to create preliminary backing for yourself on which we can later work on and improve.

If you are a singer but not very good at writing songs, you can also get in touch with me to provide vocals for some of my originals. I would really appreciate if you had basic skills and equipment for recording your own vocals so we could easily work on the internet. But if you lack in these, I have some recording equipment set up in my studio which can be used.

If you play any instrument, do it well and would either like to add some of your great sounds in my music or would love your instrument to be accompanied with my sounds, get in touch. I have worked with instrumentalists before and we have made great tunes together with people who play guitar, drums, sax or other acoustic or electric instruments. Get in touch with me, let me know of your ideas and provide some samples of your work if possible!

If you are working on some video, performance, art or game project and it needs some backing music or soundscapes, I am glad to help you with this as well. Get in touch with me with the details and I can provide you with a sample of my work in this area.


To set things straight, in most cases I won’t ask for any money nor pay any either. So if you are looking to make some money by selling your vocals or licks, I suggest you look elsewhere. This is not a hard rule though. If the project at hand is clearly for commercial purposes I may ask for a small fee. Also if collaborating with artists for some financially supported project I will surely share the loot.

DJ And Producer From Estonia