For booking information please get in touch with me by e-mail clysuva at gmail dot com, or use any other means available on the Contact Form.

When contacting me for booking, please include any available material about the planned gig, including place, date and time of the performance, type of the event, other performers and if possible the ticket price and expected turnout.

Also very clearly state which of my projects you are planning to book, possibly in email subject, to avoid any confusion.

When booking outside Estonia all travel and housing costs must be covered by the promoter.

DJ Sets

Author Set/Live, usually 45 min – 1 hour, either a darker style of electronic dance music ranging from Techno, Electo and House with some mild influences from drum and bass and dubstep.

Ambient set, 1 – 6 hour, a fine selection of ambient tracks from various artists mixed together to form pschedelic, dark or dreamy soundscapes, depending on the nature of the event.

Dance set, 1 – 6 hour, a selection of dance music. I am most dedicated to Electro, but I do have records of many different genres in my collection, so depending on the event planned a different playlists can be agreed upon.

I have all equipment required and need only some desk space, a stereo line input (2xRCA or Jack) in club mixer and a monitor speaker available.

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Error: Success is an Electro Industrial collective of 3 people with influences from Techno and Rock music. Can be described as rock music you can dance to or dance music that rocks.

Our live performances are from 30 minutes to 1 hour long. All instruments go straight to the board, so we need very little set up time yet have a proffessional sound.

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Morgue’s Last Choice

Booking for Morgue’s Last choice is handled by Lunastaja, get in touch with him through lunastaja at hot dot ee, through MLC Facebook, or use contact details on this page so I can forward the message.

DJ And Producer From Estonia