Cly/Suva – Lost Cause

New EP by me! Five tracks of melancholic and atmospheric electronic music. Influenced by many genres including Drum and Bass, Electro, Downbeat, Industrial and New Retro Wave. While relatively slow, it does not lack in bone crushing beats and heavy basslines while still keeping the soft atmospheric touch of lush pads, chilly sweeps and beautiful melodies.. You can purchase the entire album from Remixta Store for 4 euros.

Available also on a limited edition jewel-case CD, complete with pro-printed inlays and cover art. Shipping is available worldwide, and orders are fulfilled rapidly.

The release will also be available on other digital distribution outlets such as iTunes, Spotify and Beatport later this year.

CyberCat – Another Autumn

I took part of Function 2014 demparty with a JavaScript entry called Another Autumn. Got 4th place in combined demo competition.

You can watch it here: (half decent video card required)


Video capture here:

Source code here:


Cly/Suva – In The Wind Ep

Cly/Suva puts out his first release on Cold Fiction Music Label with a 4 track Ep filed with a hidden talent for smooth Ambient Techno and Dub Techno. The release starts off with the lush and expansive pads of the title track and moves right along into Until The Road with they Dub Techno chords and deep drums. The other 2 tracks also highlight the lush pads and deep dubby chords that Cly/Suva isn’t really known for until now. For fans of our Dub Techno and Ambient Techno releases, this is an Ep that you shouldn’t miss.

More info:


Tallinn Subway – Breakfast On Mars EP

A new release! A concept EP by Tallinn Subway bearing a title “Breakfast on Mars”. Four tracks of highly professional electronic dance music, influenced by House, Electro, Techno and sci-fi themes.

If music isn’t enough for you, check out the microsite with the story and some additional visuals for more immersive experience. The four chapter short story explains a little bit of the background of this music. A story of alternative timeline where space travel is just a part of the everyday reality in year 2012.

The EP is available for purchase through Remixta Bandcamp store and soon will be available on other digital outlets. The download also includes the PDF of the story.

Go check out the interactive microsite for the whole experience:


CD_booklet+inlay (1)

Forgotten Sunrise releases Time Flies compilation

Forgotten Sunrise releases a compilation of rare and unreleased tracks, two of which have my involvment in them. Leading track, Samewonder (Error: Success Remix) is done by me on 2012 and Ropelove (Morgue’s Last Choice Remix) is done with the cooperation of me and Lunastaja from MLC on 2007.

Check out this entire album on bandcamp for listen or digital purchase, or pester Anders from Forgotten Sunrise for a physical copy!


Alphabets Heaven – Boosh review

Recently a genre loosely labelled as “organic electronic music” has gotten some of my attention after accidentally buying and reviewing a record by Robot Koch. It’s not music made from organically grown products, but a variations of instrumental hip-hop, trip hop and similar genres which take advantage of the samplers. Their ability to record pieces of live instrumentals as well as redeliver them in live nature by the human touch instead of machine programming. All this contributes to the living and breathing, “organic” sound.

Apparently my review didn’t go unnoticed to the guys from King Deluxe (a great label publishing the aforementioned genre), and they notified me of their brand new release, digital mini album by Alphabets Heaven titled Boosh.

Although, Alphabets Heaven is mostly known for his rapid beat work, video game influences and some sampler mastery, this release is dominantly chilled downtempo music with juicy basslines, deeply layered textures and solid beats. Only track that actually goes more to the crazy side with the beats is the one called “genggeng” and it even feels out of the place compared to others. Not a bad song as such, but just bit out of the context with rest of the release.

Other thing definitely worth mentioning on the release are the three excellent remixes by Headshotboyz, Robot Koch and wAgAwAgA. Really chilled and atmospheric stuff in there. My favorite being the rework of Woman by none other than Robot Koch. The remix of Darma by Headshotboyz also ends up in my list of favorite tracks from this year so far.

If you get such solid releases from digital only label (they have had one vinyl release too, but still mostly digital), you’ll know that the digital music era is in full gear. Boosh by Alphabets Heaven gets my recommendation and I also suggest you check out other stuff released by King Deluxe, as they have several other pearls in their catalogue.

Favorite tracks: Soul Dancing, Woman (rmx), Darma (rmx).


Alphabets heaven


Robot Koch



Another Spring

A week ago, I visited the german demoparty Revision. For those who do not know what a demoparty is, it’s basically a computer arts festival, with lots of cool visuals, loud music and lots of beer. I presented a web browser demo called Another Spring in this festival. I might write a little bit more about Revision later, but until then you can enjoy my entry.

Web browser demo is basically a JavaScript program which uses web browser features to create the visuals accompanied by music. My entry is of the simple kind, it displays a selection of photographs organized into sequences, with some real-time visual effects applied and everything synchronized to music. Also it has few clips of programmatical video in it.

I tried to capture some of the post-soviet atmospheres of spring in Tallinn and share them with Revision visitors. Regardless of the lack of technicality it got the second place in Web Browser Demo round and won me the Newcomer Award.

You can observe the demo on following links:

The Online Version (Firefox & Chrome only)

Youtube screen capture

Youtube live screen recording

Pouët Entry (download, and comments)

The music is also available in soundcloud


Hypnobooster review

It has been a while since I really wanted to have some Estonian release. This time it was the new album by Hypnobooster. A full blown Digipak release containing 13 tracks, a glued-in booklet with colorful paintings and bit of mysterious atmosphere surrounding it. I wanted it bad enough that I actually remembered to look for it when I visited a record shop. This may not sound much, but it’s quite a feat in my case.

The music can probably described as Soundtrack for a movie that never existed. Musically and conceptually it often sounds a bit similar to Swimé by Makunouchi Bento which is another album of the same genre which I have previously reviewed. Hypnobooster is more musical in terms of chords and melodies and often more aggressive in the usage of elements from Metal music, while Makunouchi Bento is mostly more about atmospheres and sounds. There are still many similarities, so if you enjoy one of them, you are very likely to enjoy the other as well.

Of course Hypnobooster has its own sound and story to tell. The listener can hear sounds familiar from Estonian and Western cinematography as well as original sounds fused together from whatever crazy thoughts were going on in the creators head. The overall tonality is melancholic, a bit strange and a bit familiar at the same time. Often dark and scary atmospheres flowing into short bursts of aggressive drumming and some odd riffs from Doom Metal… Often it’s just dreamy and sometimes even warm and comforting, the atmospheres are amplified by the digital paintings in the booklet by the same author, which are truly beautiful. Some of them can also be observed on his home page.

As a whole the package comes together very nicely. A collection of 13 random thoughts represented both musically and visually. Definitely a journey worth taking and thoughts worth exploring. I never really want to take apart any album track by track, it always feels like explaining the entire plot in a movie review. This analogy holds true in this case more than others, so no more spoilers. I will leave all the minor details for you to discover and believe me there are plenty of them!

As for negative side, my biggest grievance is the lack of digital release. (See update below) 13€ for the Digipak CD, might seem a bit premium price for a debut release. I’d prefer a more reasonably priced digital release which would also save me the trouble of ripping it. When I asked Hypnobooster about it, he said the album comes in a single package where both the music and the imagery work together. Well, either way I would much rather enjoy his excellent paintings from a 24″ screen rather than from a tiny CD booklet which by the way is already lost somewhere in the bottom of my record crates…

Update: the album is now available as a digital download through the Bandcamp. The booklet described is also included in the package as a PDF file. You can also still order it directly from artist. Or buy it from Lasering Music shop and various other places.

Favorite tracks: Transparent City, Groove Moments

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